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Registrar Division

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Job Description

Tel: 23113040


Overall leadership and supervision of the Registrar Division

Ext: 1121


{C}1.         {C}Admission, enrollment services for freshmen and first-year/transfer students

{C}2.         {C}Freshmen Student ID card production and issuance.

{C}3.         {C}Ministry of Education database maintenance;

{C}4.         {C}Website maintenance

{C}5.         {C}Management of Information system of Registration.

{C}6.         {C}Management of transcript printout self-service machine.

Ext: 1121


(School of Humanities and Arts)

{C}1.         {C}Management of student status, document and certificate application, student ID card replacement; and application for leave of absence, withdrawal from study, reenrollment, deferred admission, and change of major.

{C}2.         {C}Services pertaining to course selection,credit fees, and application for minor, double major, and international dual degree.

{C}3.         {C}Management of academic records; graduation eligibility review, application for extension of study, and the production and issuance of academic certificates.

Ext: 1112